Hello guys, making money online is an easy job that you do not have to deal with the attitude of your boss or your co-workers. That is the reason why so many websites generate the job online to help those people. However, there are some scammers who also take advantage of it to scam people.
One of the most popular making money online is a Pay-To-Click, revenue sharing websites. This opportunity will help people making money quickly by just putting the money in that website and wait for them to produce the revenue and share back by 110 to 150% of your profit. Some website requires to click 10 ads in order to activate the revenue-sharing, but some does not require any clicks.
It is a dream that everyone wants to work with. However, there are risks involve with this type of investment. you can loose all your money if you fall into their scam. most of them will just collapse in a short period of time due to the dry-out of members investment. If you think that you can take risk, you can still making a good profit from this type of investment.
If you fall into their scam, you need to know how to protect yourself and have your money back, At least your seed money. Here are a few tips that can help you get your money back from those scammers:
First, if you are using Paypal, you need to open your dispute to request your money back, make sure that you purchase within 180 days in order to have protection from Paypal.

How to open a dispute:

Go to resolution center -> Dispute a Transaction

Select which transaction that you want to open a dispute then click continue

Next, you check on ” I have problem with an item I purchased” then Continue.

Next, check on the box ” I received my item, but it is significantly not as described” then Continue

This form, you will have to talk to the seller. you can write down something like this
” Hello seller, I have purchased your product in order to have you advertise my website, but the banner that i put on has never been approved, which means it is never been posted and advertise my website. If you are unable to produce your service, I you like to have my money back because it is significantly not as describe. thanks”
Warning: Make sure that you never mention about PTC or the revenue sharing because PayPal DOES NOT protect you from that type of investment.
On the bottom, check on the box I would like to request a return of:( your amount of money, then Continue and submit your case.

Wait for the next day to escalate the case

You can write in the box ” I have tried to contact but there is no respond. If you can not provide your service as you describe, this is significantly not as described. Please have my full refund back. thanks”
then Escalate to a Claim.
the case usually take about 2 weeks to complete. please be patience.
Most of the time that you will win the case. However, if those scammer step in and told Paypal that they are not responsible of those kind of investment. and they will request the Paypal not return the money since it is a PTC or revenue-sharing. Paypal will deny your case and mark you as a losing case.
If that does happen to you. Please call directly to Paypal, ask them why they closed your dispute
If they mention about that you invest money into advertising site such as PTC, revenue-sharing so they don’t cover your buyer protection.
You need to tell them that you are NOT investing any money in it which the site described on their policies, it tells that you are purchasing their product in order to have them advertise you website but they never did. The banner you put on their site always pending which is significantly not as describe which has to be covered by Paypal. Tell them they blocked your account for no reason ( if this does happen to you) and they never direct or indirectly contact you which is dishonest and a sign of scam. From all those reasons, you want your money back. Even they close your dispute… you have the right to request and appeal the case.
If Paypal is still not helping you and reject your request. I suggest that you call your credit card company to report the fraud and ask for your money back.
Good Luck.

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