My Paying Ads (MPA For short) is a relatively new advertising platform site, which was created and operated by its owner Uday. Well actually his full name is Nalam Satyanarayana ... PhD, but that’s a mouthful!

 MPA’s primary objective is to provide high quality, targeted traffic to advertisers’ offers, within a relatively short time, while allowing members to earn a decent income, with Adpacks starting as little as $1 for 20 business listings/credits and the opportunity to earn from 120% to 150% returns… More on that later.

 I must admit that the revenue sharing aspect has been well thought out with long term sustainability in mind. Maybe the owner being an Engineer by profession or his years of experience in Internet Marketing has a part to play in it.

 Talking about play, MPA is made to be fun, easy and interactive for anyone of any skill level to get in and see results… every 30 minutes, literally!

 There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get started…
First thing first, let’s talk money, or more precisely My Paying Ads revenue distribution plan. Everybody is interested in making money and that’s probably why you’re reading this review right now, so it makes sense to start there.

 To answer the real question… Yes they pay, and quick too! Check out these recent payouts below:

Now back to the topic, as stated before each AdPack comes with a specific number of business listing, but it also comes with the benefit of allowing you to share in the revenue generated within that Ad Pack Plan.

 Business listing aspect aside, let’s break down the share tiers you can purchase with time. 

The revenue from each pool is distributed to the active ad­packs of the same pool only. The maximum AdPacks that members can have are 200 for each AdPack Plan, except for AdPack Plan 10, which maxes out at 2000. 

 NB: Members must reach a minimum of 100 packs in one AdPack Plan before purchasing from the next higher tier AdPack Plan. Not going to get you rich quick, but can generate a decent daily income over time.

 But there are some additional benefits to members…



 Ok, so there is a bit of a catch to this program, in order to earn money you have to do something… 

You must surf 10 ads daily, at about the same time, to be eligible to share in the pools you belong to…

That’s a whole two minutes of work per day! 

 That’s it! You can earn money from referring people to the site, 10% commission on all their $1 AdPack purchases, but that is totally optional.

 Most people are happy with their share earnings and the fact that they don’t have to try to recruit anyone or sell anything. As for me I love to help build companies I believe in. Hence the reason I offered my services; website design, brand consulting and video editing, to the owner shortly after I became a member. The more the company grows, so does my earning!


 The main product/service in MPA is the Business Directory banner ads, 10 of which members are required to view daily, hence guaranteed views to the advertiser’s site.

However, as with any advertisement it is necessary to grab the attention of the viewers within a few seconds. In other words. 

“NEVER Advertise A Website’s Homepage Directly!”

 I have noticed that some people have been doing this, which is relatively ineffective. As most of us with traffic exchange experience knows, it is better to promote a splash page and best a squeeze page; they load faster and the latter collects information; building a list… And as we all know, “The money is in the list!”

 Apart from the Business Listings, MPA also offers some relative inexpensive Advertisement Packages; PPC Banners, Login Ads, PTC Advertisement, Text Ads and Solo Ads.

 These can be seen by both members and visitors alike. The more unique and appealing the offer the more effective… It’s only common sense.

 NB: Even with these ads, from an advertiser’s point of view, I would still encourage the use of incentivized squeeze pages. Just think about it for a bit…


 Great leadership is an essential pillar that every company needs to have in place for long term success. 

The owner of My Paying Ads is Dr. Nalam Satyanarayana, but prefers to be addressed as Uday, which is a good thing. He is Mechanical Engineer by profession and bares a PhD in that field. His technical nature also explain why he was able to work out such a formula that shows promise of long term sustainability of the company. 

Uday is not a stranger to Internet Marketers either, many have had experience interacting with him directly. He is passionate about helping others succeed, as is evident in the email accompanying our payment. “Thank you for your business with and we look forward to paying you again.” How is that for encouragement?

 I now know Uday personally and speak with him often and I can tell you that he really knows his stuff. He is always available to answer questions in the company’s Fb group and is very quick to issue payments as well as to resolve any challenges you may encounter. Well, except when he’s asleep. That’s why it’s great to have such an active, supportive community of members ready and able to assist you. The group is amazing! 


So far, my experience with My Paying Ads has really been exciting. It has really taken off in a short amount of time and things are just getting started.

 I’ve been able to purchase AdPacks from my share earnings.

 I have gotten a bit addicted to the refresh button, as I am almost constantly checking to see just how much I have earned within the last few minutes. I’m already at 22 active AdPacks, and increasing daily; it’s not even 3 days since I joined. Not bad if I may say so myself!


 So as you’ve seen From this review, My Paying Ads is a company that provides twofold benefits to online entrepreneurs; Quality Targeted Advertising and a share of the revenue earned by the company. 

If you already have a business and aren’t interested in making money with anything else you can simply make use of their advertising services, but can’t see why anyone would leave money on the table.

 However, if you are looking to find something  to make some serious money from the internet, then MPA is definitely one of the best options out there with their low entry point of $5, advertising service, revenue sharing distribution and optional 10% commissions compensation plan.

 And if you’re looking for the right people to partner with… you’ve found us.

 I can’t say enough good things about our team. We have an amazing group of people with community support here.

 Well, that’s about it. Hopefully you’re now able to better see the vision in place here and why you should join us .

  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below or contact me directly here. 

To Your Success,

Ahmed Obaid

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